Adidas Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoes Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

The primary aim of this post is to provide the best and most comprehensive Adidas crazy explosive review. This review includes essential information about the shoe to prospective buyers.

The Adidas crazy explosive is a new line of sneakers launched by Adidas. The sneakers were inspired by and made for basketballers. With direct inspiration from Andrew Wiggins, who is a rising star of the Minnesota Timberwolves, a new sneaker line got birthed.

The sneaker got designed with the inspiration of Wiggins’ playing style on the basketball court. The new sneaker line is also commercially available to fans of the game. It got designed to compete against Nike’s Air Jordan sneaker series, which got developed around the way Michael Jordan played the game.

Adidas crazy explosive Black Friday & Cyber Monday DealsAdidas crazy explosive review

As mentioned previously, the Adidas crazy explosive men’s basketball shoes got designed for sportsmen and women. Therefore, the shoe features numerous technical features that serve to enhance sportsmanship, healthy competition, improved functional ability, and comfort. In terms of the benefits of this new sneaker from Adidas includes:

Cushion features: the Adidas crazy explosive comes with the full-length boost midsole. This feature is the first-ever in a basketball shoe and improved comfort, impact protection, and energy return.
The shoe’s midsole has a lateral TPU roll cage and the full-length torsion plate, which help refine the Boost cushioning.

Traction features:  The shoe features an outsole made of rubber and a power traction pattern that got digitally designed. This is the first-ever shoe to have this technical feature.
For improved traction, this pattern, which runs in various directions, provides enhanced stability and grip on smooth and hard surfaces.

Lockdown features: The Adidas Crazy Explosive comes fitted with an extended technical foam material. The innovative foam material adapts to the shape of the foot with time. The effect of this is a glove-like fit that enables a tight and comfortable lockdown. The shoe’s anatomical lace property properly wraps pretty well around the foot. This lacing system helps in relieving pressure and is also used to provide an improved locked-down foot fit.
Material Properties: The Adidas Crazy Explosive comes with a complete neoprene material that provides lightweight support. The shoe also features a flexible TPU layer that covers high-wear locations around the shoe for more durability, containment, and added comfort. Furthermore, the Adidas Crazy Explosive also entirely comes equipped with the GeoFit Creative. The Geo Fit Cleatie provides support across the foot as well as breathability.

Style features: The shoe’s GeoFit foam materials stretch with its mid-top design. It envelops the heel, midfoot, as well as the ankle collar. This envelope grip on the foot provides support and comfort without restraining movement.
The Adidas Crazy Explosive has a unique and custom silhouette, which draws quite a reaction. To enhance its market acceptability, the Adidas Crazy Explosive comes in various styles and colorways.
Additionally, the shoe has a separate model that comes with the Prime knit upper.

Product specifications

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  • Top: High
  • Lockdown: Lace-Up
  • Weight: 496g
  • Available Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Multi, Pink, Red, White
  • Special editions: 2 special editions
  • Available Sizes: Small, medium, and Large

The Adidas Crazy explosive is a complete synthetic shoe that comes with a rubber sole. The shoe has an enhanced energy-returning feature that will keep you competitive all day.

This lightweight artificial plus high ankle provides extra durability to the wearer. For breathability, the heel inserts and mesh tongue ensure efficient airflow and ventilation.
The anatomical shoe lace feature wraps up the whole foot to boost movement and relieve pressure.

The outer rubber sole enhances the shoe’s traction to provide an excellent grip on slippery, smooth, and hard surfaces.

While several people have gushed at the Adidas crazy explosive red basketball shoes, other color variants include white, pink, grey, green, blue, black, and multi-colored options.

The shoe has two special editions and sizes range from small to large.

  • The shoe generally has fantastic comfort.
  • The Adidas Crazy Explosive has excellent traction properties and needs minimal wiping.
  • The Adidas Crazy Explosive ankle support feature provides unique ankle support capabilities.
  • The shoe is a very versatile sneaker that it gets used for running, jogging, cycling, and many other sports.
  • The shoe has excellent breathability and lightweight features.
  • The shoe was given a high general satisfaction rating by buyers.

  • The Adidas Crazy Explosive can feel loose across the ankles.
  • People noticed that lockdown could be severe because of the unique type of lacing of the shoes.
  • The shoe eyelets can break off after a few months of buying.
  • The traction may start to peel off after some time.
  • Similar to the Nike Hype dunk X, the Adidas Crazy Explosive is quite challenging to put on.

Things to Consider before Buy an Adidas crazy explosive Review

Check shoe sizes before purchasing – the fit and dimensions of the shoes. There have been mixed reviews about the fitting and sizing properties of the Adidas Crazy Explosive sneaker shoes. People looking to purchase the boots may try them on in any local store before they go-ahead to buy the shoes.
Inspect actual shoes for irregularity- Furthermore, with the varieties of this sneaker line in the market, buyers are also advised to try shoes identical to their choices before proceeding to purchase the sneakers.
Inspect the authenticity of the shoe-Sports shoes have a very viable market. There are lots of buyers looking to buy various sports shoes to meet their needs. This demand has led to an influx of inauthentic shoes into the market. Buyers should inspect the shoes they intend to buy for authenticity, unless you are not in the market for genuine ones, of course.


The Adidas crazy explosive review is for outdoor use and indoor use got described as being among the most excellent performance shoes for basketballers. The pump is a highly versatile one and can get worn by any basketball player. Indeed, the shoe got modeled after Andrew Wiggins, the rising basketball star; however, it is suitable for basketballers, athletes, and casual people. The pump provides an exotic ride, reactive boost cushioning, great step-in comfort, excellent impact protection, excellent traction, as well as superior foot containment.