Adidas D Rose 773 Basketball Shoes Review ( All You Need To Know)

The main thing that people get troubled by is the longevity of a pair of shoes. As these shoes are mostly used by basketball players, they need shoes which are really comfy and also perform really well and might even work great for a year or two. Having a pair of shoes that just lasts longer is really great to have. If you are in search of that kind of product in the market, then you will find none better than the Adidas D Rose 7.

Adidas D Rose 773 Basketball Shoe Review

Adidas D rose 773 basketball shoesWhen taking a first glance at the Adidas D Rose 7 performance, you realize that this is a less complicated version of its predecessor. There are two parts that play a major role in making the shoe what it is and that is the heel and the collar area. The D Rose 7 is more padded which is very great as it provides the wearer with a lot of comforts.


The traction on these shoes is just on another level. It doesn’t matter where you are using these shoes. You can use them on grass, indoors, outdoors and you wouldn’t feel like you need to clean them up just for once. The traction remains rock solid due to the wave’s design present on the sole of the shoes.


The cushioning of the Adidas D Rose 7 basketball shoes is also great. If you want low profile shoes that offer the most amount of protection then these are some of the best ones in the market.


Materials play a very important role in D Rose 7 as they are specifically made for basketball players. The D Rose 7 is made from a mesh in combination with nylon. You can also get the Adidas D Rose 7 prime knit shoes if you prefer those over the mesh ones. The shoes provide an excellent feel when you walking with them. It is as the shoes are flowing alongside your feet.

The collar portion of the shoes is just like neoprene but is heavily padded. This helps you in getting the best fit possible and you don’t feel like the shoes are restricting you in any way despite the tall nature of the shoes. The wings of the Adidas D Rose 7 Performance are made from leather and are excellent as well. Adidas has left nothing on the table in regard to the material choices that they’ve made.


Fit is a very important aspect which is very important for basketball players as they need the best fit possible. The Adidas D Rose 7 prime knit men’s basketball shoes are pretty narrow but the fit doesn’t suffer due to the narrow nature but instead, the shoes feel great on the feet. The lockdown provided by the shoes after the laces are tied is also pretty solid.


Support is also important when you are considering shoes that are made for games like basketball. The D Rose 7 due to their comfortable fit and great cushioning provide a lot in terms of support. As the lockdown is pretty good, you don’t feel your feet are getting out of the shoes and a strong grip is maintained on the shoes. In this way, the D Rose 7 is excellent in terms of support as they provide you with all the benefits of basketball shoes so you don’t feel left out in any regard.


Having good ventilation in shoes is important as it provides some breathing room for your feet. The mesh version is good but the Adidas D Rose 7 men’s prime knit shoes are very knit very tightly which doesn’t provide enough breathable room.


Some of the highlighting features of the D Rose 7 are:

  • Lightweight Design
  • Great Aesthetics
  • Comfortable


  • Great Fit
  • Strong Secure Grip
  • Durable


  • Not good for wide feet

Things to Consider Before Buying the D Rose 7

There is no pair of shoes that is just perfect and there are some things that people should keep in mind before buying the D Rose 7:

Tight Nature

The overall fit of the D Rose 7 is good but you should keep in mind that it can be too much for some people as they can become really tight once you get the laces done. It is entirely based on personal preference whether you want a firm fit or not.

Too much Padding

You should also keep in mind that the D Rose 7 has way too much padding present on the shoes itself which can make it worse in terms of ankle support. It can be varying for different people but you should keep that in mind.

Wide Feet

One thing that you should definitely keep in mind that these shoes don’t fit really well for the people who have wide feet. So, if you are one of those people, then you should definitely first check them out and then make the decision of buying them or not.


Overall, the Adidas D Rose 7 basketball shoes are really feature-packed as you might’ve expected from a brand like Adidas. All of the features present in the shoes are really great. The traction and the cushioning provided by these shoes is just great as it provides you with excellent performance. The only thing that can make some people avoid these shoes is that they don’t fit really well onto wide feet. Besides, the Adidas D Rose 7 performance is some of the best basketball shoes that you can find.

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