Adidas Harden Vol 2 Review ( All You Need To Know)

Adidas Harden Vol 2 Review

The online market is filled with Adidas Harden Vol 2 reviews but here is a complete guide of the shoes so you know that what is getting with the second iteration of the Harden. As these are not just casual shoes but instead, they are shoes made for basketball players. Nowadays there are a lot of brands offering high-quality shoes but most of those shoes focus on branding instead of providing their users with basic features like the best experience when it comes to comfortability and durability.

The Harden is there to provide you with all of the lacking features which the opposition doesn’t provide you. People want a pair of shoes that is able to perform well in all kinds of conditions. The other main aspect is comfortability. If a shoe is not comfortable, it is not usable. The Adidas Harden Vol 2 basketball shoes are there to solve all of your problems in a very affordable package.

Adidas Harden Vol 2 Review 

These are the second-generation shoes of the Harden series from Adidas. These also borrow a few things from their predecessors but also improve on them in a lot of ways. Everything about this pair of shoes is really good whether it might be the traction, fit, stability, or cushioning. You can rely on them to provide you with the best performance possible in a basketball match. Check Price


When it comes to the weight department, this pair of shoes is not what you call lightweight. They definitely have a much bigger feel to them. This is a personal choice and some people prefer having a bit more weight as it allows them to feel more stable when doing quick movements. If you are the kind of person that prefers a little bit of weight to their basketball shoes then the Adidas Harden Vol 2 Performance will serve them well.


Having plenty of traction is necessary for a basketball match as you have to main a stable grip with the ground while performing quick maneuvers. If you are using this pair of shoes on a clean floor, then you won’t find any traction better than one these provide. Having a good amount of traction is always appreciated but there is also a downside as you need a clean floor if you want to get the best traction possible.


This is also a very important statistic as it can change the whole experience of using a pair of shoes. The cushioning on the Harden Vol 2 can look very high but in reality, it is not that high. It is the most boost that Adidas has actually used. With this amount of cushioning you expect a very soft experience and these shoes definitely deliver on that.

These shoes basically have combined speed and impact into one another which provides some of the best experiences. Overall, the cushioning is a big part of these shoes as it is what allows this pair of shoes to deliver a solid experience when playing basketball.


When compared with the first iteration, the second ones are a bit longer. But this doesn’t mean that you won’t get a good fit on them rather the Harden Vol 2 provides a really comfortable fit both in length and width wise. Fit is not an area that you should worry about as the design is really great as you will be able to get a proper fit.

Out of the box, the fit is really good but you should keep one thing in mind that it will take you time getting used to the heel fit. The heel area has a lot more padding than the previous Hardens so it might take you some time in getting used to. The design of the Harden Vol 2 is not groundbreaking in any way but it is a design that works really well and most people can get a good fit with them.


The Men’s Adidas Harden Vol.2 basketball shoes come in a material that the company calls Forged fiber. It is basically glue-covered mesh with stitching. There isn’t a premium prime knit option here but the material used here isn’t a slouch either. The shoes look really good and the design also gives a premium vibe.


  • Big Guards
  • Solid Traction
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Excellent Traction on Clean Surfaces
  • Smooth
  • Firm Cushioning
  • Very Stable
  • Not good on dusty floors

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Things to Consider Before Buying Adidas Harden Vol 2:

As with all other shoes, there are some things that you should keep in mind while buying the Adidas Harden Vol 2:

Stiff Cushioning:

The Adidas Harden Vol 2 might feel very soft but instead, they have a very stiff cushioning. So, if you are looking for shoes that can help you in gliding through the field with ease then you should definitely consider other options as well.

Low Traction on Dusty Areas:

The traction on these shoes is probably one of the best in the business. But you have great traction in all kinds of conditions. One major drawback is that they don’t provide good traction against dusty floors as the design makes them collect all of the dust which lessens the overall traction. While the shoes are really good but if you want the best traction in all conditions then you should definitely check out other shoes as well.

Final Verdict:

The Adidas Harden Vol 2 is one of the best versatile shoes in the market for basketball players. The feature set is really good with one of the best tractions in the business. The fit is really good due to a design that works great. The shoes are able to provide good movement due to the good amount of stability. The cushioning is also good enough for you to have a smooth experience. All in all, the Adidas Harden Vol 2 is a good upgrade to the V1’s and we recommend them whole-heartedly for the more performance-focused players.

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