Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Best Basketball Shoes For Wide FeetLooking for the best basketball shoes for wide feet is a challenging task for you. It is so uncomfortable to have wide feet that annoy you with having poor-fitting shoes. It can cause pain by forming blebs if the wrong fitting is chosen. Basketball shoes for wide feet were hard to find with good fitting.

It is not the era of getting worried about the perfect size of shoes for gigantic feet because now we can conveniently find the best shoes with the best product detail. Wide footers need something that doesn’t tear their feet apart. Now it becomes so easy to find good quality shoes by reading online reviews from your favorite shoes. Buyers get excited if they get the right pair of shoes for their wide and large feet.

Everyone wants to look cool and stylish with a nice choice of basketball shoes. It doesn’t mean to ignore its crucial features. Some basketball shoes look so attractive rather than giving you comfort, they have just nice colors and material to fascinate you but are not comfortable for your wide feet. Fashion and health must be a balance in life.

 Many problems can be solved by using the best basketball shoes such as it saves from major and minor injuries. A wrong choice of shoes can also make you regret it after facing calamity. Also, you can raise your performance on the court. Having the best basketball shoes can boost up your playing abilities. Gives you maximum traction, enough flexibility, breathability, and better ventilation to escape the heat and makes your feet moisture-free which could be beneficial for running, jumping, and heavy exercise.

Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

Below we have mentioned some best basketball shoes along with their detail for wide feet that will surely help you to choose the best shoes for wide feet.

Adidas Men T-Mac Millennium Basketball Shoes

Adidas Men T Mac Millennium Basketball Casual ShoesIf you have wide feet the Adidas Men T-Mac Millennium will surely help you. This shoe is particularly one of the best for those who have wide feet. Brought a good relationship between your wide feet and the interior of the shoe. Decent effect of resistance that withstands by you on the court. Helps to play constantly on the court. A good price range that will not disappoint you. Its comfortable features assure you to win the game without distracting or disturbing you. Fits perfectly to the player’s wide feet. Weaving patterns that wipe out dirt and don’t let it enter the shoe. Enough protection in the heel will give maximum ankle support. Sideways stability is also assured.

Well-built synthetic material that is durable. Slightly high collar to protect the ankle. Herringbone traction suitable for all types of surfaces. Keeps the dirt away from entering mostly at the center of shoes. Protect the midfoot nicely. The most loving feature of these shoes is cushioning from the lateral side by caging the feet. It breaks very nicely. Prevent from lateral instabilities and heel slip. The heel is more uplifting. Truly suitable for multi-position. This sneaker is not recommended for outdoor games. But the best use for indoors.

Nike Men’s Fitness Basketball Shoes

Nike Men's Fitness Shoes Basketball ShoesStyle and designs will surely attract you. Available at affordable prices. Rubber sole that gives the heel a good strength to run without hurdling. Also, it increases the solidity of the shoe. An excellent response is given by these sneakers. It mostly comes out in mid-cut sneakers suitable for wide feet. It gives you a bouncy experience that will resist you in court for a long time. The upper body of Zoom size provides stability and locking-in strength. Good quality material that break-in nicely, as it consists of mesh and synthetic. It attracts the buyers by its stylish look and the way it is designated. Great basketball shoes at a reasonable price. Accurate fitting shoes will release you from being worried.

Traction features that maintain the balance while playing support the feet by cushioning it by its amazing zoom unit that is designated for speed. Despite this, sneakers have enough space for lateral movement. Excellent groove spacing is provided. Mainly it attracts you by its forefoot unit is herringbone in a pattern. Provide your maximum containment throughout. Nike zoom Rize is simply an outstanding shoe that will affect your performance positively on the court as every player wishes to have a good presentation in front of others for the sake of a good reputation.

Nike Lebron 17 Basketball Shoes

Nike Lebron 17 Basketball ShoesOne of the best shoes for a wide footer is Nike Lebron 17. Most loving shoes that give a modern look to players. Can be worn for indoor games and other outdoor purposes. Wide collars are there for easy on and off. This pair of sneakers goes practically with every outfit. A very stylish pair of sneakers that will enhance your look. Good ankle support assures you of its good quality of construction. An effective running feature that makes you satisfied. Appropriate gripping ability on the court is important so that players would play smoothly.

These stylish pairs of sneakers might look heavyweight but they are lighter in weight to step forward conveniently. Beautiful and very good quality of shoes that will never let you down. The two zoom units in the forefoot give you a mind-blowing effect. Amazing traction is used for running. Have a wonderful feature of the weaving pattern. Provides maximum stability to feel you good around the court. Very cozy to wear while playing due to the cushion on the forefront. It has an amazing feature of cushioning to protect feet from all sides. Wide feet require flexibility; these sneakers are capable of stretching. Nike Lebron is incredibly light in weight to give more durability.

Nike Jordan Cp3.XII Men’s Aq3744-006

Nike Jordan Cp3.xii Men’s Aq3744 006Its name was given after a notable basketball player Michael Jordan. Cp3 XII holds up inside and outside in a very good way. Nike Jordan gives you a cool look with its low cut. Ameliorate your performance on the court. It gives your wide feet a good space and not to feel uncomfortable by the edges of shoes. It prevents aching feet. Well, performance on the court has been stable for a long time. Traction is awesome on even surfaces as well as bumpy balanced cushioning property that secures your feet. The soft rubber on the upper side of shoes keeps your feet safe.

The lower side of the shoe has a stride pattern that prevents the entrance of dirt. A great level of support is given by its strong midsole that enhances the grip for fast cuts and pause. The fly knit material makes it unique that is very comfortable for wide feet. It is a great sneaker with a good price range. It offers a good road. Nicely playing basketball shoes for outdoor. Cp3 XII gives you all-round performance. The zoom unit present in forefoot acts to be bouncy and very flexible. If you are looking for shoes that require a solid cushion, good traction, absolute fitting then this pair of shoe will fulfill your expectations

Nike Air Max Penny Men’s 685153-002

Nike Air Max Penny Men’s 685153 002Signature shoe by well-known basketball player Penny Hard away is full of graceful features such as it is more prominent among other sneakers. It’s mid-sole composed of phylon that cushions your feet and gives lightweight comfort. The Phylon section gives an extra movement but not side by side. Its rubber outsole gives multi-surface gripping power. Good ankle supports the property’s best feel for wide feet. The upper body comprises leather and synthetic. These shoes are more considerable than other Adidas shoes. Accurate to the size that intensifies your fitting for wide feet.

Quick hitting ability for best performance on the court. These stylish shoes are a little expensive but if you want to spend money on a good product then it should be accompanied by you. No slipping issues are reported. Provides ventilation to escape the heat. Stability is one of its key features. Gives comfy movements in lateral and medial positions. Allow stopping very quickly. Nike Air Penny is quite flexible to perform more movements multi-directionally. Its traction feature is good enough to cooperate with you for a long time. It is good enough to protect your heel as well as your toe. Perfect locked in power for midfoot and forefoot. Overall it is nicely built and have long durability

Adidas Men’s Dame Lillard

Adidas Men’s Dame LillardThese shoes surely represent the intensity and energy of Damian Lillard who sparkle the game by his brilliant performance. These shoes have a good standard of the midsole for outstanding performance to match the speed of Damian. It contains a rubber outsole that has a strong grip on the court and makes you stuck on the floor. If you are the follower and lover of Damian Lillard then you should try this sneaker with passion and enthusiasm. These shoes have a mesh that makes it breathable. It has a knitted construction that gives you cozy and secure fitness.

Bouncing gives comfort for all games. The upper body is designated flawlessly, provides flexibility to ensure a custom fit to adjust to every move. A tread pattern is used in its construction. Mostly suitable for a clean surface. The jacquard material is used for its upper part. The material is soft and comfy that you will enjoy it more. You can get them at a ridiculously cheap rate. If you want bouncy shoes with plenty of movements then you should try these sneakers. Adidas Dame Lillard is strongly durable and best for outdoor use. Snug and easy fitting make you convince you to choose them. Amazing lockdown and containment ability to run and stop quickly.

Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 773 IV

Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 773 IvAdidas Performance Men’s D Rose has good traction ability to overcome the friction on the court. Have a strong grip on the floor. It comes out in mid-cut. The smoothness of the upper body of the shoe gives your feet stability and protection from falling down. It can fit nicely in the wider feet. It is durable as it is made out of the durable net and synthetic leather. Very smooth in its texture. The upper body is made with a wide fine mesh that makes it breathable.

Provides your ventilation by its mesh that prevents your feet from blisters. Men’s DRose is much flexible for a guard. Support is assured when the shoe fits nicely so these sneakers have a very good fitting that provides you protection while playing. These shoes are true to size. There are padding cushions that will surround your feet and secure them from getting injured. Light in weight that helps you while running fast. Have nice timing of stopping quickly.

How Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet Could Make Anyone a Better Parent

If you are worried to buy basketball shoes for outdoor games some factors should be taken into account.

The Material of every shoe is most important to locate. Wide feet demand flexibility of shoe that depends on the material used for its construction. Leather is less suitable for wide feet due to its less stretching ability. Woven and knitted material shoes are more recommended for wide feet. Try to choose the shoes with a rubber outsole to give you the best traction. 

Ankle support must be assayed before you buy the shoes because this is the basic feature that will keep you away from pain and cramping. Make sure it has a wide collar base that protects your ankle fully and makes you comfortable while playing.         

Traction and locked-in ability affect the wide feet to step smoothly without hesitating of being uncomfortable. 

Perfect fitting for the wide footer is essential to sure their perfect fitting match shoes for them          

Style and weight also matter when you are buying outdoor. Lightweight shoes give more ease to stepping forward. 

Price is also kept in mind. If you are a beginner then you should try with something less expensive. Best quality shoes demand more bucks for their fantastic fabrication.          

Stability and flexibility allow you to run very smoothly on even and muddy terrains while stretching the feet.

How to use these shoes for wide feet?

A shoe stretcher can be used to wear shoes. This tool will help you to wear shoes conveniently but not always, it can be used in the beginning. Basketball shoes can also be worn for fashion and styling purposes that will make you a way better and enhance your good


What basketball shoes are good for wide feet?

When you have wide feet it becomes a source of worry to select the best basketball shoes for wide feet, here we have shown you a list of most demanded shoes full of qualities

1. Nike Air force 1

 2. Adidas Men’s Rose 7

3. Nike Lebron XIII

4. Adidas Men’s Crazy 8

5. Under Armour Drive 4

6. Adidas Men’s Dame Lillard

7. Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 773 IV

Which Nikes are best for wide feet?

Nikes gives its customers a pledge to have a good pair of shoes for the best performance.

1. Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus

2. Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV

3. Nike Zoom Vomero

4. Nike Air Zoom structure

Is Lebron good for wide feet?

Overall Nike Lebron is very good shoes and buyers would love to have them. Lebron is a striking combination of the great midsole with Flywire technology that reduces the weight of shoes and increases the support. It has the best traction pattern that sweeps off most of the dust. Lebrons are best for those who are looking for large cushioning features with bigger guards for their wide feet.

What shoe brands are best for wide feet?

Some well-known brands are represented to help you;

  1. Nike
  2. Under Armour
  3. Adidas
  4. Air Jordan
  5. Puma
  6. Reebok

Is Air Jordan good for wide feet?

Air Jordan gives a great performance so it is good for wide feet. Overall Air Jordan is top-ranking shoes. It gives a fantastic cushioning and streamlines look. Best hooping shoes that perform very well in all categories. True traction pattern that offers a secure grip.

Conclusion: Time to Take Action

Do not wear cheap quality material shoes that will reduce the stability and make your feet uncomfortable during playing and can make you fall and cause injury. There are well-known brands that can solve your problem by presenting nice featuring shoes along with maximum quality. Professional players also praise these brands for introducing the best model of shoes every year.

Players applaud them for good breathability, reliability, sturdy traction. If you are going to buy basketball shoes you should examine its feature that accomplishes your needs and search. Also, give heed to its maintenance by securing it from dirt and dust from the environment that makes your shoes long-lasting.

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