Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes for Wide Feets – Deals 2022

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes for Wide Feets – Deals 2022

If playing basketball is your passion and you also prefer the outdoors rather than indoors, then you certainly need the best outdoor basketball shoes for wide feet.

This sport needs your continuous attention and that eagle-like quickness, and for all this to happen you need that grip that is perfect for your foot’s movement. Surfaces outdoors are mostly rough as compared to indoors which have a smooth surface.

But here you should be focusing on only outdoor shoes that will help you greatly in your playing time, and maybe make you a dominating one over your opponents. And if you want to have this quality in you then you ought to buy the best basketball shoes for yourself.

This game does not require you to run that much as the court is small, instead, you have to master the dodging tricks. This will be possible only when you have a firm grip on the ground on which you are standing.

As this game is only for pro-active people, if you are not one then we suggest you switch to another sport. Because shoes alone are not going to solve your laziness problems.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes for Wide Feets Black Friday Deals 2022

There are many kinds of shoes that you will see when you go to purchase one. Different shoes are for different purposes, like some of them are just for grip, while the others provide you ease in running.

Only the best outdoor shoes possess all-rounder qualities because of the difference in their make. They all may look alike, but only professionals can spot the dissimilarities.

All the brands tend to follow different rules, and always try their best in making their product look different from others already in the market, and people can spot the difference by the looks rather than the brand names.

One of the best things about good basketball shoes is they are soft from the insides which helps keep your feet comfortable. And you don’t feel any kind of pain no matter how hard you run or jump, you will always be getting maximum support from these top outdoor basketball shoes.

The sole of the shoes is made in such a way that it is thick and spacious enough to let the air pass through. So when a player jumps and comes back down, there is enough time to settle down till the sponge comes back to its normal state.

Thus letting you re-energize and continue with your game. Some shoes are also fragile and get tethered with only a usage of a couple of times. We just advise you that whenever you spend money, do it by thinking multiple times. And yes never forget to read a blog such as this one, which offers you everything from head to toe.

When you feel that you are not in any kind of doubt, then you already have the green signal so proceed and buying a nice pair for yourself so you can display the top of your skills at the game.

It is up to you how you use your intelligence level in choosing the best basketball shoes for outdoor play. Now it is also possible that you will find yourself stuck in a situation where making the right choice will not be less than a challenge for you.

Because stores whether in the market or online places are full of shoes claiming to be the best amongst all. It is quite obvious that not all of them can be of the same quality, and regarding any as the best of all is not an easy task to do unless you try the shoes for yourselves.

A wide range of brands offer premium quality and also the cheap outdoor basketball shoes for wide feet are the ones who just tend to play the game occasionally. Like for whom all that matters is fun rather than the result. Another thing that should be considered is your foot size.

It happens so many times that the item you are liking isn’t available in your size. Either you skip the idea of buying one or you just get a different one for you, against your liking. Here it builds psychology and may lead you to lose your interest or confidence in the game, because if you care too much then you will always be thinking you would have performed better, had you been wearing the ones you chose for yourself.

If you want something economical for you and your sport then you should go for the basketball shoes under 100 and after running an easy search you will be surprised to see how many brands offer all-new pair of trainers in that amount.

There are some professional players also who prefer to be those during their practice sessions. And if you play basketball then you already have an idea of how their training sessions are like. It is also not necessary that you buy the shoes in the color that matches your sportswear (in case you are thinking that it would be odd to wear contrasts).

What you need is to find out your best fit instead of the best match. After all, colors will not delude your opponents but certainly, your extra-agile moves will.

If playing this game is your life then obviously you would want to play it on the streets during your vacations or even on the weekends. You would also be aware that there is a huge difference between a court and just a street.

You would be needing something more stable to wear on the street so that you don’t lose your balance all of a sudden. For this, you need to have the best basketball shoes under 50 for streetball. And these kinds of shoes are very rare to be found, you would only find them in big stores (such as Amazon and eBay in case of online marketplaces). Playing any game requires some price and it goes the same for your beloved game of basketball.

1) Adidas Crazy Explosive 2022 (Men’s)

Adidas Crazy Explosive 2020

The best of Adidas outdoor basketball shoes that you will find in the collection especially for men’s outdoor basketball shoes. It has a 100% rubber sole which helps in giving you a tight grip on rough surfaces and it will stop you from slipping while dodging your opponents.

It contains a very comfortable textile lining. The extremely soft interior makes you want to play more and getting tired too early wouldn’t be your trait anymore. Thus resulting in your increased stamina. Ultimately giving you the superpowers to outplay everyone. And if we look at the reviews of Adidas crazy explosive which is given by different people on this product are positive.

According to different viewers, they said the upper of the show is stretchable and it adjusts just right to your foot size once you start wearing Adidas crazy explosive frequently. The leather that is used is flexible enough to provide you the comfort that you need during your playtime.

It has been the choice of some top-notch basketball players as well and this is enough to give you full confidence that if professionals can rely on it then it is something worth craving for. Read More.

  • Comfortable textile lining Rubber sole
  • None

2) Under Armour Drive 4 Basketball Shoes

Under Armour Drive 4

This shoe is a little expensive, but the quality that it has to offer is also not so easy to achieve. And it is nearly a fit choice for all ages whether for old peeps or younger ones. It goes well with old guys as well.

One more interesting fact is that no matter what your size is, as long as you have a foot of an adult then there are 90% chances that this is going to fit just right for you. Because the make is so flexible that Under Armour Drive 4 basketball shoes can find a way to make room for your feet.

Talking about durability, then this product is highly durable and doesn’t wear off from anywhere no matter how tough you play in the courts. The thick rubber sole beneath will take very good care of that, and will probably never let the sole get off from the upper body of the shoe.

Good outdoor basketball shoes are never that easy to be found, good in a sense when they are right according to your size. But if you get your hands on this Under Armour Drive 4, then even this problem of many is solved.

  • Full length EVA mid sole delivers Light weight
  • Little Expensive

3) Under Armour Curry 3 Zero

Under Armour Curry 3 Zero

Another of the masterpieces of Under Armour curry 3 productions. The shoes have proved to be extraordinary so far for everyone who has bought them. Every item of this category is sold under premium quality. Although these trainers are not for running, according to the reviews of some people they have used it for this purpose as well.

And it helped them in exercise. Amazingly no damage was done even though they used them like they were the running shoes. Moreover, this product is available in a good number variety of colors on amazon as compared to other shoes that you see around the online marketplace.

The overall experience of the different-minded people has been similar which gives a strong reason as to why you would want to buy Under Armour Curry 3. This also happens to be among the expensive ones, but there shouldn’t be any compromise on quality. Where you are already spending, then consider spending some more to get the product of a lifetime.

These trainers are known to be extremely durable over a long period, like for 3 to 4 years, and if used with care then even more. Curry 3 full review

  • Mesh Imported Rubber sole
  • None

4) Nike Air Versitile ii Men’s Basketball Shoes

Nike Air Versitile ii Men's Basketball Shoes

If you are a fan of Nike air versitile ii Outdoor Basketball shoes then you should read the description of this product closely, because who knows if you would be craving to buy it afterward.

This product is undoubtedly for that player who is comfortable with all the roles, whether in front or at the back, it just provides so much comfort to your feet that you don’t feel the pain when you land hard on the floor after a high jump attempting to pass the ball from the basketball net or chasing around your opponents.

This is for your all-around best performance basketball shoes and is designed to turn you into a champion. You will have an edge over others because your stamina will be boosted by an exhilarating level and you will feel like you have borrowed some powers from superman. As far as its expense is concerned then it is not too heavy in your pocket.

Moreover, Nike air versatile is a brand which is trusted by millions for such a long time. You can even purchase this particular product with your eyes closed. We are sure you won’t be regretting anything at all.

  • Imported Premium textile material Visible Air-Sole heel
  • None

5) Nike air Versitile men’s Basketball Shoes (Nubuck)

Nike air Versitile men's Basketball Shoes

Another of Nike’s top branded products, and a dream shoe for many as it is priced slightly higher. It is solely to play basketball with Nike air versitile men’s and not a running shoe at all. They are neither light nor heavy, just optimum to provide you ease while running or jumping during your playtime.

This show is soft from the insides and gives enough room for your feet to breathe properly and does not cause any pain in your ankles if you run too much or simply keep wearing them for a long time.

The sole is made slightly harder so that when you land back on the floor you don’t sink in and can immediately continue with the play, had the sole been made soft then you would have taken an extra second in gathering yourself up for the next move and that would be too late as your opponents are constantly looking for such changes.

Thanks to this wonderful Nike air versatile men’s product as it would save your scoreboard and do not let you down in times of crises, and will always make you come back hard on your opponents and keep stunning them whenever possible.

  • Synthetic Nubuck and mesh upper is lightweight
  • Hard sole

6) Adidas Harden Vol 2

Adidas Harden Vol 2 Review

Trust us these are the most durable outdoor basketball shoes as they can maintain the balance of the wearer and still don’t wear out for many years. Even if you use them quite roughly then still there remains a chance that they will have a longer life because they are made from different compounds that make them robust.

Giving you full authority to act on your wish. This is an entirely flexible wearing Adidas harden vol 2, so you can wander around freely in the court or even keep standing still in ambush so when you find your prey, you just attack and snatch the ball.

This is designed in such a way that it gives you a lead over your opponents or makes you a star among your teammates. The way you would be performing will make them think and ask you many questions, but in the answer, you would be proudly able to say that you just mastered the art of basketball.

All thanks to Adidas harden vol 2 shoes that made you stand out from everyone in your team and turned you a start in just merely a one match.

  • Lightweight Responsive Boost midsole Sock-like construction
  • None

7) Under Armour Curry 4 Basketball Shoes

Under Armour Curry 4 Basketball Shoes

Named after the legendary basketball player Stephen curry, and these Under Armour Curry 4 shoes are his fourth signature and latest of all up till now. Wearing the signature of a player this famous surely has a meaning to it.

They are a brand within a brand, so you get a coating of a double brand. You shouldn’t be judging this product as it would be like you having doubt about curry’s impressive skills and this is an insult to that legend.

They are made from the softest of leather and sponge inside to provide the agility and quickness to enable you to stun all your opponents and play an important part in your team’s victory. This shoe has a large number of 5-star reviews on Amazon and yes that is enough to gain your trust. Talking about trust only, curry’s name alone was enough, isn’t it?

So we now just urge you to have no more searching if you are keen to buy this best Under Armour basketball shoes like, Curry 4 is for yourself or to gift them to anyone. This will always be a smooth addition to your shoes, you can either use it to play the sport or to attend gatherings, all your choice.

  • Fabric-and-synthetic Rubber Sole
  • High Price

8) Adidas D Rose 7 basketball shoes

Adidas D rose 7 basketball shoes

Signature shoes of yet another legend Derrick Rose. Made from 100% pure leather and smells pretty good when you buy Adidas d rose first hand from the shop. The control that these shoes offer you is just excellent. The sole is soft and allows your feet to breathe which keeps the flow of blood alive and do not let it clot in the veins.

Allowing you to run freely and play the game actively just like Derrick himself does in the courts. There is not a single reason as to why you would not want to buy this shoe as it offers everything that an athlete can desire.

However, if you have flat feet then don’t go for these as it works best for those with curved feet because they require the wearer to have feet according to the shape of the shoe.

Well, you cannot blame the manufacturer for this flaw, some shoes are specific for certain people just like your clothes. But yes they can prove to be an energy booster for rounded feet people. The Adidas d rose has undoubtedly the collection for all kinds of feet and perhaps your moods too.

  • 100% Leather Lightweight stability
  • Non-marking rubber Thickness

9) Adidas Crazy Bounce Basketball Shoes

Adidas Crazy Bounce Basketball Shoes

These are the best cheap basketball shoes to add to your inventory. Pretty handy when you are low on budget but still want to get the results that an expensive shoe gets you. You should be diverting all your attention on this one alone.

This keeps you moving and helps you in getting an edge over your opponent’s weaknesses. With its lightweight, you can also make things pretty quick for you. Controlled balance and doing everything with the perfection of Adidas crazy bounce.

No less than a blessing when you get to spend less and still get the benefits of the one’s way too expensive.

Now it is mostly up to you whether you use these for indoor play or outdoor. But yes they do come under the emblem of outdoors.

You need to make sure you fulfill the true purpose of these wonderful trainers and don’t let them be stained in your storeroom by not using them for ages.

So use them wisely, if you invested some money on buying Adidas crazy bounce then it is almost obligatory on you that you pay them proper respect by using them every time you go out to play basketball with your mates.

  • Shaft measures approximately 4 Offers ankle support Provides excellent grip
  • None

10) Adidas Pro Bounce Originals from Men’s

Addidas men's pro

This shoe is like an all-in-one package for you. They especially focus on controlled high jumps, as in this game jumping is all that keeps your game going. Some good outdoor basketball shoes require you to take extra care of them.

Like cleaning them regularly and removing the dust away from the sole as it might affect the aligning. These trainers do give you an extra Adidas pro bounce and help you in keeping pace with the bouncing ball that you control to the net of your opponent.

These shoes are simply wonderful and an ideal choice if you are a professional one, and practice outdoors quite frequently. The breathability that is provided by soft cushioning inside relaxes your heels while running and surprising your opponents with your excellent dodging skills supported by your Adidas pro bounce trainers.

These shoes work like your life saver- jackets that you wear while swimming. It just gives you an additional skill to go with the flow of the game. These shoes have no replacement, but you may find a few close to their caliber but not the ones with the exact qualities.

  • Regular fit Forge fiber in the upper features Lightweight durability
  • None

Things You Know Before Buy Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Different kinds of basketball shoes come in various sizes and colors. But if we become more specific then we see that there are three main kinds of basketball shoes around. Namely, Low-tops, mid-tops, and high-tops. These three categories have been chosen carefully to athletes can select any according to their comfort level, or the position in which they play the game.

Normally everyone goes for the most durable outdoor basketball shoes because obviously, one wouldn’t want to keep spending on shoes now and then. Low-top shoes refer to the height of the shoe, like where it ends. In most cases, they end just below the toes, like that of any standard shoe.

So the purpose of low-top shoes is to provide speed and quickness which greatly helps you in dodging your opponents. So the players who like to run more and tend to jump less may go for buying low-top shoes, but if their role is to jump around and mostly blocking the attacks then these shoes will not give them much help as these are designed only for quickness.

Mid-top shoes are a great help for those players who tend to run whenever they feel like it, from total still to total motion. These shoelaces up just above your toes and provides you some resistance when you take low jumps. Remember they are not suitable for high jumps.

High-top shoes belong to the category of flying in the air, yes they give you wings when you jump and come back to the ground again, and gather yourself pretty easily for your next move and make the enemy attacks weak by your agility or stopping the ball from going into your end of the net. They provide excellent support to the ankles.


Many brands offer different designs of the same shoe, for Nike a mixture of colors is added to make the same design look different when viewed from different angles. Most shoes that are multicolored have the same kind of design. There could be a difference between branding but their purpose is mostly the same.

Though there are no specific show designs in the world of basketball, many athletes go for their custom-made designs which often become their signature shoes. So what we can tell you is instead of formulating your design you should be trying one of the signatures that these players have chosen for themselves.

There are also some designs available in the market which no doubt are very durable as claimed, but when it comes to actual practice then you see their sole will come apart even though they had already passed the test in a professional environment.

This notion is well enough to raise any doubts. Now you might be having some issues after getting to know this point. Mostly it is the manufacturer’s fault that put a bad name on the brand. Or in worst cases, the actual shoe is replaced with a copy.

In this scenario, you cannot blame anyone unless you have clear evidence. Then people go on blaming the brand but in reality, the fault has been someone else’s.

Whatever the thing maybe, we are here to tell you all kinds of anomalies that happen in between which play an important role in taking your trust away from the product. Top outdoor shoes always remain the choice of many because no matter what happens, it can never take their interest from the game. The rest you can search about on your own.


Well, it mostly depends on your usage of the shoes. To check the best outdoor basketball shoes’ durability you have to start using the shoes for all purposes. Like going out to casual parties and wearing them for playing any other sport if you wish to.

This will give you a clear idea of how much a shoe is capable of tolerating your unnecessary burden. If it still doesn’t wear out then you have your answer that the shoe is durable and can get along well with you for a longer time.

Some companies also offer a refund policy or a specific time of warranty, if in case your shoe wears out before the given time of warranty then you can always go on claiming it through email or any other contact that they have provided you.

Take into account the fact that cheap outdoor basketball shoes are the least reliable given their quality and price. One can easily understand why they were kept so cheap. It was all because the material that was used was not that of better quality.

So if you want all these qualities in your shoes then you better buy a signature shoe or one which is priced a little higher so there remains no doubt in their robustness. Then obviously the durability that those shoes will have to offer to you will be longer as compared to the cheaper ones.

If you are a professional then it is more than obligatory for you to take care of these little things. And you must be knowing which shoe is made to last longer and which one is not. All these tactics are a secret which we tried to uncover by giving facts and real-life scenarios. Give this part another read if you are still unclear.

How to use Outdoor Basketball Shoes

As you already know there are different kinds of basketball shoes designed for a specific purpose. Some are for running while others are for just jumping around in the courts. If you use them for other purposes then they might fail as they were not designed for other tasks at all.

Unless you wear them for your friend outings or other stuff that does not involve any sport or running around.

Low-top shoes are of a kind that was designed for your running purpose and therefore you can’t use them for jumping and if you do so then it will surely result in the breaking of the sole.

As far as mid-top and high-top are concerned then they are made with the perfect soles that support your high and low jumps and there seems to be no damage to the shoe, no matter how hard you give in the court.

Usage requires some of your smartness, if you want to you can break the new shoe in just one day or you can use it for years if you take good care of it, as it is all about caring. Shoes become part of your personality after a certain time when it becomes your habit and you always want to wear them even though you are not going out to play.

You must choose some good outdoor basketball shoes so that they can become a part of your shoe rack for a considerable amount of time. You also need to constantly keep in check whether any part of your shoe is becoming old or the color is scratching away. If this is so then you should try to mend it on your own or take it to a shoemaker who can do the job for you.

Online Reviews

Reviews are what make the products known among the masses. It all depends on positivity and negativity. If the remarks are positive then more people are attracted and show their interest in buying that particular product, otherwise, the rating goes down in no time.

Seeing the tough competition in the market and these so-called brand wars have always been at a peak, whether for shoes or anything that is sold. Similarly, top outdoor basketball shoes are rare to find as every other brand claims the same thing.

You only figure out the reality after you wear and check out yourself.

Basketball can be played in any normal shoes too, but you won’t be getting the level of support that is required in the game. This is the reason why we have something called the best basketball shoes for outdoor so that you can feel the game in its true sense.

Specially designed for this game only means they wouldn’t be of much help in other sports. You can also say they are special-purpose products and if you use these for any other stuff then they might feel odd on you.

Most of the shoes that have been discussed here are of 5-star rating, which means they are highly trusted shoes, so you do not need to do much research before buying them. There is also mixed feedback from the people like some of them got the sole of the shoe broke, maybe it was because of their rough usage or could be the company’s fault too.

But this population is pretty less, we see 99 out of 100 giving positive reviews which is indeed a very good sign. Most of the products prove to be highly reliable when it comes to rough usage.

Frequent Ask Questions:

What shoes are good for outdoor basketball?

Shoes manufactured by brands like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor are all highly reliable and comes under top outdoor basketball shoes. These brands are trusted by a large number of people and so do you.

Can you wear basketball shoes outside?

You can wear basketball shoes outside, as they do not look that bad either on your personality. But it would be better if you wear those shoes along with a nice T-shirt and a pair of jeans to make the best combination and avoid being looking ugly.

Is Kyrie 5 good for outdoor?

They are the best for the outdoors as they are designed to be quick and provide that extra edge over everyone. They come under the category of low-top and are running shoes, which helps you greatly in hitting your target quickly.

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor basketball shoes?

The basic difference between indoor and outdoor shoes is the hardness of the rubber sole. As the sole of outdoor shoes is made rather solid as compared to indoor ones. If you use otherwise then you won’t get maximum results.

What is the best basketball shoe for outdoor?

All the shoes of big brand names can be regarded as the best, but signature shoes like Adidas Performance D’ Rose 6 and Nike’s Curry should be given more importance as their shoes are more durable and long-lasting.

What are the best cheap basketball shoes?

You will see many around but here you encounter the names of top brands, like Adidas Performance Men’s Cloud foam or Under Armors ClutchFit Drive 3. You can also have a look at Nike Men’s Air Max Audacity. They all are well equipped to give you the feeling of being expensive.

Is Curry 6 good for the outdoors?

No way, curry 6 is only good for indoors as they have got a soft sole, and if you use them outside then they will wear out quite sooner. Just designed to be used on indoor courts only.


Well, you must be lost now, aren’t you? Anyways, if you are a basketball player and even if you want to pursue a career in it. Then you know you have to study this game from all the dimensions. And to do this you are required to play this with all your passion.

You simply have to try out the different combinations of trainers discussed at length in this article, and try to analyze the difference in each. Remember the key to mastering is knowing things in depth.

Your best outdoor basketball shoes are the ones in which you feel you are the best, and which help you stay at the top of your game. Brands have made shoes better and better by listening to the reviews of people around the world. You just happen to be the lucky one that you wore the shoe when all of the complaints were removed.


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