How to make basketball shoes grippy?

How to make basketball shoes grippy

When playing basketball, it is necessary to have comfortable shoes, but above all, the best thing without a doubt is that they have a good grip. That gives you the ability to maneuver quickly, whether it’s turning or changing direction on the court. Dribbling and dribbling in basketball will have better results without having shoes with the ideal grip.

Various types of court, various types of grip

Since there are two types of court in sports, the roofed ones, and the outdoor ones, each grip tends to be different, but more in its form than in its function. While the game on indoor courts with roof, on floors of that special pavement, tends to be slippery. 

The techniques to perform better grip help the players feel safer and that their performance is the most optimal.

There are several factors why, when playing on this type of indoor court, people can slip. The first of them is the wear that this pavement floor suffers over time. The second, and it is even more common than the first, is the amount of dust in the same environment that makes the players more vulnerable to falls when caught by the shoes’ soles.

Hygiene habits for better performance in the game?

To have optimal results in the game, it is practice and hygiene habits. Constant cleaning of training shoes and game shoes will give you a better chance of progress. 

Although basketball courts are cleaned regularly to minimize dust on the ground, each player’s job is to clean the shoe, especially the sole, to avoid dirt residues leading to future failure.

Likewise, a good way to improve grip on shoes is adherent lotions, designed exclusively to generate more of a type of glue on the shoes’ sole. Although this type of lotion is legal, it is not advisable to use it in excess, since everything is bad. 

The exaggerated use of these products can be counterproductive when playing, so it is good to add a minimum of these lotions to enhance grip.

However, since these lotions have a kind of sticker in their content, it will be much easier for it to adhere the dirt from the floor, which means that it is mandatory to have hygiene habits to avoid having the dust accumulated on the soles and that shoes as much as the player can perform better.

Other products for grip

Other products that improve grip, and have better results than the same lotion, are adhesive mats, which are stepped on by players just before entering the court. Therefore, the shoes are covered in their entirety, and cleaning them is easier. 

Although, many gamers prefer to use hairspray, and although it is a hair product, it is known to provide equally favorable results.

It is also common for players to get their hands during the game, is aloe or sweat, and rubs it on the sole when they feel that you have grip problems. But, do not confuse aloe or sweat with water, because it is different.

 Since these among its components make them thicker, water will bring serious consequences as it will make you slip more constantly.

Final Words

And although basketball shoes under 50 dollars have special characteristics, designed with traction to prevent falls and enhance the game, everything wears out. Using the products to improve this technique and keep the shoes clean will be very useful and durable.

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