How to make basketball shoes less slippery?

How to make basketball shoes less slippery

Without a doubt, basketball has been a very famous sport for many years. More than a game, it has become a professional sport, like others worldwide. The sweat that falls to the court floor generally makes the surface slippery, which can be very dangerous.

Players in the area have to run to get to the ball, so a fall is fatal, as it can fracture, sprain, or worse. Falling to your opponent and missing the opportunity to turn and get to the basket is not any basketball player’s option.

Prevention is the key to everything, and we must start by wearing appropriate shoes for this activity, which allow comfortable and safe movement.

There are cases in which, although the sole is resistant and shock-absorbing, it tends to slip on the court. Here we show you some tips to avoid that.

Simple tips so that your basketball shoes do not slip

To avoid a terrible fall and to avoid worse consequences, you can apply a little saliva on your finger and run it over the sole of the best outdoor basketball shoes.

Although it may seem like an unhygienic option, it can relieve you for a moment, as saliva slows you down for small distances on the basketball court.

Do not worry if you do not like the first option. You can buy an adhesive mat on the shoe before you start to play.

These will help remove the dirt and dust lodged in the sole, avoiding the sports basketball shoe dragging.

Another option that may interest you is to use fluids to improve traction. To dry them, use a cloth. In this way, you remove the dirt and dust from the soles.

Whenever you feel your shoes slipping, do this step, applying the fluid and patting it dry with a dry towel.

Believe it or not, the hairspray used for hair can be very helpful for your soles. That helps to maintain a better grip on the soles. Although it does not remove dust or dirt, it works as an adherent and prevents you from slipping.

 Causes of slippery shoes

As is well known, basketball athletes must train hard to prepare for a game. Players should wear anatomical shoes with sturdy, shock-absorbing soles for jumps.

One of its causes that allow these to slip is the continuous use and abuse of the shoe, making wear faster. Another point is the sweat of the players. As beads of sweat fall to the ground, they make the floor slippery. With a large group of players passing by every second, it makes the court area slippery.

Considering the above tips, you can avoid slipping during the basketball game, and you should also choose comfortable shoes with resistant floors and suitable for this type of sports activity.

Final words

It is important to have suitable shoes to play, and although shoes tend to slip, you can apply certain measures or tricks to move easily. One of the reasons that a shoe slip is worn is that it is usually used so often.

Suppose your shoe slips the best and changes them for better ones. But when the sole is not worn or even new, the problem is not the sole, but the sweat lodged on the floor.

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