Nike Air Versitile ii Men’s Basketball Shoes Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

The Nike Air Versitile II reviews are really positive on the internet probably due to the fact that prior ones were really good. But we have to take a deep down into why Air Versitile II is better than its predecessors and why you should buy them. Most people when buying a pair of shoes for playing basketball tend to go for the most popular brands and without proper research.

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There are a lot of shoes which seem good on the surface but aren’t that good when you use it. People want shoes that are excellent in performance and are also durable. The Nike Air Versitile II is there to solve all of these problems by delivering a more versatile pair of shoes that can be used in all conditions. 

Nike Air Versitile ii Men’s Basketball Shoes Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

The Nike Air Versitile II are the successors to the Versitile I and Nike have overhauled the first generation so that the second-gen can provide those things which were lacking in the first ones. If you are in the market for basketball shoes then the Nike Air Versitile II will be very appealing to you due to their design, performance, traction, and support.


The Versitile II comes with an upgraded design over the previous ones. The material choice is good but not the best. They can feel cheap which is their only lacking feature. But it doesn’t mean that it affects their performance in any way. The Versitile II performs better than most of the shoes due to their comfortable design. The materials used are lightweight which makes it easy to use these shoes for longer periods of time. 


When playing basketball, you need to have a good amount of traction so that you are able to make quick adjustments. Nike has been pretty solid with offering a good amount of traction and the same goes for the Versitile II as the traction is good enough for you to make quick movements and turns. The outsole is made from rubber and due to their modified herringbone traction design, the user gets a solid connection with the ground. 

Cushioning and Comfort

Cushioning is crucial in basketball shoes as you need a comfortable experience when playing basketball. As you are constantly moving, you need a good amount of cushioning which will inevitably help you in your movements. With a lot of cushioning you also get a lot of bounce which is super useful to have in basketball as it saves your feet against strong impacts and provides protection.

Due to the materials used in the build, you get a lot of comforts while wearing the Nike Air Versitile II NBK basketball shoes. Every person wants a pair of shoes which is really comfortable because it is one of the most important factors and the Versitile II excels in that department.

Fit For Movement 

The fit on the Versitile II is great. Due to the solid lockdown provided by the laces, your feet are very well secured and your movement is also improved as a result. The Flywire cables used in the shoes provide a lot of stability. As the shoes are lightweight and cushioning is great, you get one of the best experiences in regard to the fit. Every person should be able to find the perfect fit as you as choose a smaller size if you feel that the regular one is a bit open.

It is a personal choice and different people have different sizes and fit choices, so it might vary for you. But we have found the fit to be perfect while also providing a breathing room for the feet. So, after Nike Air Versitile II men’s basketball lace-up, you can easily get the best fit possible.

Support For Nike

The Nike Air Versitile ii provide excellent support due to their superb design. The support system is also great because of the already great cushioning and traction system. So, if it comes to support you should keep in mind that the Versitile II won’t disappoint you at all.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight
  • Impact Cushioning
  • Comfortable Design
  • Good Comfort
  • Ease in Maneuverability
  • Great Traction
  • Fit can be too tight

Things to Consider Before Buying Nike Air Versitile II 

There is the only thing that you should consider before buying the Nike Air Versitile II.

Cheap Materials:

Now the thing has been a concern with a lot of other shoes as well. The Nike Air Versitile II men’s basketball shoes are made from a mesh material which is not great when it comes to longevity. The laces and the outer materials degrade over time. This cheap material is also the result of the price as the company has gone for a more budget-focused shoe here. But if you are a person that doesn’t want to compromise on the build quality and materials then you should probably look somewhere else before buying the Nike Air Versitile II.

Material Wears Out:

If you are looking to buy the Versitile II then you should keep in mind that these shoes are not meant for long term use. As you use them more and more, you’ll realize the material wearing out. The performance and all of the other aspects are great but the wearing out is a serious problem. If you paying money for your shoes, you expect them to last a while before wearing out. So, if you can’t get around the wearing out the issue, then you should but these otherwise, look for some other pair in the market.

Final Verdict

So, at a budget price, the shoes that Nike is offering are pretty solid. Besides the material choice and wearing issue, there is nothing that we have found bad on the shoes. For a basketball player, the two main things are performance and comfort. The Nike Air Versitile II provides a really good performance due to its excellent traction and lightweight build. The court performance of these shoes is also superb. Overall, if you are looking for a pair that has no comprises when it comes to performance, then you won’t get anything better than the Nike Air Versitile II. 

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