Under Armour Drive 4 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Under Armour has been killing it lately and the Under Armour Driver 4 review online are also really great but we have to take a deep down into the shoes to learn about all of the aspects of the shoes and what makes them stand out from the rest out of the crowd. There are a lot of basketball shoes in the market but the problem is traction with most of them. First of all, the traction provided is very basic and only works on clean surfaces. The second thing being, the traction doesn’t work on dusty areas.

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If you want to get rid of this issue and wan a pair of shoes that can provide you with the best traction that works both indoors and outdoors then the Under Armour Drive 4 basketball shoes are the solution to this problem. Drive 4 provides an unforgettable experience and performance in a budget package. 

Under Armour Drive 4 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Under Armour Drive 4 ReviewThe Under Armour Men’s Drive 4 is an excellent offering from Under Armour with providing one of the best traction systems in the world. A herringbone pattern is used to achieve traction. Everything about the shoes is great from its design to its performance. The shoes are good for any kind of player. 


The Traction is the main highlighting feature of Drive 4 from Under Armour. The herringbone pattern is being used by them for quite some time and boy does this work. The pattern is very deep and thick and provides a solid bite with the ground. It doesn’t matter what the surface is and even if it is clean or not. You will get solid traction on all kinds of surfaces. The wave design of the herringbone is really special as it makes the transitioning feel much smoother. 


Micro-G is one of the best foams that is used for basketball shoes. But with their earlier models, Under Armour started using Charge which is good in its own regard with being able to stabilize, riding very low and protecting against strong impacts but still Micro-G is what we needed. With the Drive 4, Micro-G is present. It makes the shoe feel soft and helps in absorbing a lot of impacts. With the impact absorption, you feel any kind of instability when landing. By using Micro-G, they’ve made the response much better than before.

The forefoot response of the shoe is very low and is just passable as there is no Micro-G present. A G layer would’ve improved the front response too but at this price, we won’t complain as the performance is still great.


The upper part of the shoes is made from a mesh which is tightly woven. The material is not soft but on the stiff side as there is no stretching. This stiffness doesn’t hinder the performance as the panel can easily flex during quick movements. The material used in the build is strange as there as it doesn’t match the foot and there is dead space preset around the toe but when you are playing, you don’t notice any of this. 

If you take a look under the weave, you will the neoprene in the ankle collar. The ankle collar looks more like a neoprene which is padded. It is also very flexible and soft. Overall, all of the materials present in the shoe mix together to form a very appealing shoe.


If you want a good amount of lockdown then you have to tightly close the laces and the straps. The fit of the shoes is very generous and allows for every type of people to get a good fit. There is minor heel slipping present but you can easily avoid it by pushing on the laces super-hard. It only after you have properly tied the laces that you can get the best fir possible.


As there are stiff materials used and the fit is loose initially, but the support that you get is pretty good. There are empty spaces present which can lead to instability but the overlays are there to help you in keeping an upright position. There is a plate which is present in the midsole and runs from the heel to midfoot and this provides a superb job at avoiding any kinds of bends. 

If you tend to land on the heel area then these shoes will be good for you as the base is wide with stable cushioning. The heel cap is cut across the bottom which provides a bit more flexibility and a good lockdown. If you like wearing shoes that are really supportive then you will love these ones. You can easily shoe for any kind of situation and the support is great.


  • Herringbone Pattern
  • Micro-G Cushioning
  • Lightweight Design

  • Great Traction
  • Good Support
  • Best for Outdoor
  • Firm cushioning
  • No padding on heel cup

Things to Consider Before Buying Under Armour Drive 4:

Some of the things to consider before buying the Under Armour Drive 4 are:

Ankle Collar:

When you tighten up the laces, the ankle collar can become a real problem. As the materials have no stretch whatsoever, the ankle collar goes high and restricts movement. The movement should feel natural but it feels like you fight your natural movements. 

Cushioning is Firm:

If you want shoes which have high cushioning then these are not the ones for you and the impact protection is also lessened due to this. Overall, if these two characteristics are important to you then you should find another product.

Final Verdict

Under Armour Drive 4 is a really great shoe. The design looks cool and fun. Usage of Micro-G is also appreciable and provides a more quick response. The traction, man is it good! One of the best tractions in any shoe ever. If you want the best budget basketball shoes, then you should buy the Under Armour Drive 4 as the features and ease of use is just unbeatable at this price.

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