What is the lightest basketball shoes?

What is the lightest basketball shoes?

Many people prefer to purchase completely light basketball shoes, rather than a heavy one. The slight sensitivity in the feet, how mobile they are, and the speed they provide are some of its best attributes.

Dashing, jumping without a problem, and stealing all the needed balls are only possible thanks to light shoes. The problem with the purchase of this type of footwear corresponds to the variety of them.

There are many utterly lightweight outdoor basketball shoes, and people do not know how to choose them. The only way to buy the right footwear is to understand the advantages of the most recommended shoes.

Among the lightest basketball shoes that can be found on the market, the following stand out:

  • Kobe AD NXT 360: 

With a specific weight of 10.3 oz, the Kobe AD NXT 360 knows how to meet people’s needs. All players who bet on this pair of shoes know that they will get great results.

They were launched on April 13, 2020, and have 360-degree Flyknit technology on the upper part. It is surprisingly flexible, allowing its owners to bend and roll it with ease. Besides being light and flexible, it has excellent breathability.

  • Under Armor Curry 3Zero2: 

This type of shoe weighs 10.83 oz. Its permanent prices are one of the cheapest on the market, making people continuously recommend it. The design it boasts is lovely, as it contains perforations to provide ventilation.

It is one of the few models that know how to present significant traction, along with permanent resistance. This traction allows people to move quickly, while the shoe molds their figure to the desired positions. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Full Review

  • Under Armor Heat Seeker: 

The Under Armor Heat Seeker has an entirely woven surface, and its weight is approximately 10.9 oz. Although it is light and has many flattering details, it does not fit the feet’ size. It has an EVA foam support, to make it much more comfortable to use.

It is flexible, very versatile, and has an effective traction pattern. Its herringbone traction characteristic facilitates grip on the ground and avoids possible falls and slips.

  • Nike Hyperdunk X: 

The Nike Hyperdunk X weighs just 11.04 oz. Its brand is very well known, as one of its first models came out in 2008, and many people acquired it. It still has some of its familiar characteristics, highlighting the usefulness of shoes. The Nike Hyperdunk X has Zoom Air cushioning, to make them more durable, light, and breathable.

  • Under Armor Curry 5: 

Its weight is 11.64 oz. It is completely light and optimizes the players’ performance on the court. It offers the opportunity for individuals to move quickly, without having problems while running.

Their laces have a closure, which makes them visually stand out. The knit construction is all-over, as it has a 360-degree feel to the foot. Individuals are doubtful to fall or slip when using an Under Armor Curry 5, as its stability is very efficient.

  • Nike Hyperdunk 18 Low: 

This type of shoe has a specific weight of 11.22 oz, making it one of the lightest on the market. It has many peculiarities that make users choose them when buying a basketball shoe.

It is effortless to put on and take off, this being one of its most significant advantages. For players who are always in a rush, or who need to put their shoes on quickly, the Nike Hyperdunk 18 Low is perfect. Its elaboration allows us to bring the feet to the ground soon, providing better mobility within the court.


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